• Rosie Cave

Behind The Scenes with Sweet Willow

Hi its Rosie,

I thought as I am setting up the website, and organising this seasons lovely collection. I share the behind the scenes here at Sweet Willow, Aberdovey and all the beautiful things I am inspired by. Join me on this journey as I’m a little new to all this!

July the 7th, 2020

Morning, from a very wet rainy gloomily Aberdovey, As I sit here in sweet willow drinking my coffee, getting the shop ready to reopen after what feels like a lifetime of limbo I can finally open the doors to you all. I reflect back through lockdown in Aberdovey.

It has been a very strange and wonderful place. From the emptiness and the sadness, as our shop closed and people have stayed at home and our little village which should be vibrant and full of people turn into this ghost town. It has been great to see the small village community of Aberdovey has kept cheerful, and came together just how we always do. Watching Aberdovey slowly reopen over the last couple of weeks has been both great and a bit daunting, but we are ready to welcome you all back with open arms!

So enough about Aberdovey, as beautiful as it is, this is all about Sweet Willow! I’ve spent the last few months choosing some beautiful things for the shop which I really hope you all love as much as I do, I thought I’d go through a few things that I like and why…

I’ve been looking at holidays (who hasn’t) and I’ve found a new love for the Amalfi coast. How beautiful is Italy! The colours, the textures and the history and let’s not forget about the food, And that made me think how can I put all of those things in the shop and online for you. So here is a few things that have inspired me, I hope you love them just as much as I do.

The Casafina blood orange and grapefruit diffuser

This honestly is my favourite item. Diffuser's make it so easy to place anywhere in your home, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and hall way. This blood orange and grapefruit diffuser echoes the abundant grapefruit of coastal Spain making for a uplifting and refreshing scent.

Cream Bobble Edged Bowl

The texture and pattern of this bowl, as well as its simple minimalist appearance is sure to add a stylish, sleek and elegant touch to any hallway, living room or bedroom.

Urchin Blue Jug

The blue urchin jug is one of my favourite,

The texture just makes you want to pick it up.

I love to use it as a vase, add some bright vibrate flowers.